Friday, August 30, 2013

Cozumel, Mexico Diary

So the day we ended up in Cozumel, Mexico… some things happened.
I got to experience my first bargain buy. I thought I did decent for my first time.

My boyfriend’s dad then said that he had met some tour guide on the internet who offered to show us around the island…. for free…

Can you say sketch?

Any who, we met up with this guy, who  instantly rushes us to his taxi cab… supposedly he wasn’t aloud to be seen with tourists… so that kind of left the impression to not trust this guy.

For some reason we went to his house…
was scared to death, thought he was going to rob/ kill us…

But then he took us paddle boarding… it was fun… until a huge storm hit.
The guy who was trying to save me… didn’t speak english
so I was like

Then after that we ventured off to this really awesome restaurant.
All the pictures of the ocean, was its view.
It was awesome, it had t-shirts and underwear hanging everywhere,
had exotic birds near the tables as well as other pets,
even had hammocks to lounge on.

Our tour guide actually paid for our dinner and returned us back in one piece with everything still in contact…. then, he literally did not charge us at all for the entire trip.

Where do you meet people like that?
It was smashing.

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  1. Because you got rid of your facebook… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!