Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Orleans Diary

I have just experienced one of the greatest adventures I could have ever imagined.
This past week I have secluded myself away from all social media with my lovely boyfriend and his family and had traveled various places. More posts are going to be coming your way of where I have ventured to, as well as many stories of my experiences.

First stop was New Orleans, Louisiana.
It's really humid there,
it smells kind of bad,
it rains in 90 degree weather,
pigeons were going to eat me whole,
people are soooo nice there!

I love the fact they play jazz music everywhere.

We got to walk through the famous Bourbon Street where Mardi Gras takes place.
I've seen it, not so sure if I'd go back on actual Mardi Gras... I'm telling you... it's really dirty there.
still awesome to be in!

We then got to be in the mix of a Saints football game where we got to see the Superdome.
Didn't actually go inside it..
there was no need to! It's literally party central just outside the dome.

For those of you who don't know what the Superdome is...
It's their stadium for their NFL team.
It's the place the saved many people's lives in 2005 Hurricane Katrina when all was flooded terribly.

Just hold your horses,
so much more is to come!

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