Monday, August 26, 2013

Roatán Diary

If you couldn't tell from the picture above, I was pretty stoked on life.
Especially when coming back from excursions, there was little towel animals every night... and chocolate!

I got to experience the beautiful Mahogany Bay, which is on the island of Roatán, which is off the coast of Honduras. This was my first experience ever seeing something that wasn't the United States, and boy was it a great first sight to see. We all got to swimming in the warm crystal blue water, play lots of beach volleyball, and enjoy the food and some really good drinks.
We also made really good friends with our waiter. He lived on the island and what was really interesting, is that, here is this guy who was just suppose to serve food and what not, but then when you really get to know somebody, you find out a lot. He goes through the same struggles, if not more than most... and you never would have guessed it because all he is to you is a waiter.

I really enjoyed this, and looking back, I'm making the same face as the alligator below.

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