Saturday, August 24, 2013


One of the days we were in New Orleans, we decided to go on a swamp tour.
Our tour guide was a true original hick, but none the less, one of the nicest guys.
He took us out on his boat with a few other tourists.
He would toss out a few marshmallows here and there and then all the sudden you would see little heads from all over the swamp, pop up.

Then he decided to take it to the next level and hang the chicken.
Our tour guide was then trying to catch one.
... yeah...
He was able to catch one, then had to handle it's death roll and such. He was able to grab it's 
tail, and as soon as the alligator made a big tug, he sliced his hand on it's tail.

I think they're pretty cute.
More photos coming soon! I just have to still get the hang of school and my new job.

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